Photo By: Dan Bransfield

As mentioned in the Upcoming Events, I am taking a series of trips in Italy until the end of October. What I didn’t tell you is that I will be having visitors!

My family is finally making their way over here… just in time for my 26th Birthday! So I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be posting (depends on whether or not I have Wi-Fi) but this is what my schedule looks like:

  • Taking an early train (like really early) to Rome so I can experience the Eating Italy Food Tour!
  • Also meeting with fellow food/travel bloggers for the very first time (so excited- you’ll find out who they are soon)!!
  • After breakfast at my AirB&B in Rome, I’m taking the train to Florence to meet my family! Spending four days in Tuscany (leaving the day-by-day itinerary up to the sister, but I’m planning the food itinerary).
  • After Tuscany, we’re taking the train to Cinque Terre and staying there for a few days (I was told to pack my sneakers… not sure about this whole hiking business… but c’est la vie)
  • Celebrating my 26th Birthday on October 26th with a Chocolate Salami how-to video post!
  • Touring around the Lombardy areas (TBA)
  • And then I’ll be announcing my big surprise
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