When in Rome…

… you have tiramisu for breakfast (judge me all you want but a 5am wake-up call & a 6am train from Milan to Rome deserves a few of these little “pick-me-up” chocolate coffee cups).

… you meet people who share your interests.

“Hi I’m Justine and I’m OBSESSED with good food.”

… you admire others who are good at their craft (shave me off a piece of THAT).

… you don’t mind showing a little leg for an extra sample of mozzarella (see Granny below)

… too bad I was wearing long pants…

Le sigh… moving on.

you make friends with Carmello the tomato expert

… you share your experiences with strangers (umm, hand on the left, I was totally going for that tomato damnit).


… food becomes your common denominator with everyone within a 5 meter radius…

… you start to notice that things taste better when served on wooden cutting boards.

… you realize how important it is to have a deep bowl in order to swirl your pasta amatriciana (bucatini pasta, tomato sauce, bacon & pecorino cheese) properly onto your fork.

… you do not drive. I REPEAT, you DO NOT DRIVE.

INSTEAD, you sign up for a Food Tour in Rome, cross your fingers for a sunny day, and get around by foot while snapping photos with your iPhone since your camera battery charger decided to melt while charging on the European-US converter.

 The Real Taste of Rome Food Tour by Eating Italy Food Tours

After speaking to the master-mind of Eating Italy Food Tours in Rome, I was convinced by his inviting personality to take a last-minute trip down South to checkout what The Real Taste of Rome tasted like in Testacchio. Pistachio?? No, TESTACCIO, silly (although… pistachio is my favorite); the heart of Rome and host to the old main wharf where food used to get imported in the 1900’s.

Located between the Colosseum and Trastevere, Testaccio is a local-zone that is charming and authentic. The only English speakers you’ll find are the ones who are keen enough to sign up for The Real Taste of Rome food tour (yes, I’m talking about me and these smarties).

Eating Italy Tour Guide, Kenny, just created the Testaccio Program this past summer because he wanted to share his daily experiences with you! Expat turned local (doesn’t this sound really familiar??), Kenny made Testaccio his home away from home, and will gladly introduce you to his pseudo-family members; and believe me, you’re gonna want an introduction with Zia Lina (Aunt Lina)… and you might want to show a little leg for a second helping of her Mozzarella di Bufala.

Who should go on this tour? If you’re looking for an introduction to Italian Food and enjoy taking the tastier, possibly lengthier (3-4hr walk) and semi-unorthodox route (which combines a little history, a little theatre, a little mafia and a little culture) in Rome, contact Kenny of Eating Italy Food Tours and tell him Little Miss Local sent you… that’ll guarantee an introduction to Zia Lina sans provocative pose ;)

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