Semi-paranoid that I would either:

  1. miss my train
  2. get stuck in a train delay

I got driven to Milano Centrale at 5:15am and boarded the train as soon as physically possible. Once I settled into my seat, the train left and I was ready for a snooze. Twenty minutes into my journey Trenitalia announces that they’re having “problems” and everyone will re-board in Piacenza instead of arriving directly to Rome.

My response? I am going to sleep. Wake me up when we get there, and then I’ll deal with it.

Luckily the train conductors sorted out the situation and I arrived in Rome 30 minutes later than expected (no lie, I consider myself lucky in this situation). From the station, I jetted to the apartment I booked on and met my hosts Fabio and Elisabetta of Casetta Matta.

Since I was using AirBnB for the very first time, I was a bit wary of what to expect. But upon on arrival, all worries went out the door. Fabio and Elisabetta (F&E) are such a sweet young couple; they’re finishing up their studies in Rome while hosting people in their beautiful apartment (F&E rent this apartment from friends and they have marble floors, a large living room, a clean bathroom and kitchen, as well as 3 additional bedrooms)! Travelers of all ages would enjoy staying with them because they’re reliable, inviting and incredibly intuitive. One of the first things they said to me was, “There’s a chocolate bar right around our corner and we think you’ll really enjoy it.” I mean, it’s as if they knew the key to my heart!

S.A.I.D.  Chocolate Shop – Dessert Café – Restaurant

Via Tiburtina, 135 00185 Roma

Ever wish you could have tea and cakes with Willy Wonka?

Sorry, only Charlie got to do that.

However, you can visit S.A.I.D., a magical place with comfy couches, rows of chocolate bars, beautiful desserts and an open factory… the only thing missing: lickable wallpaper (but I’m not that interested in snozzberries anyway).

Located in a small alley behind a laundromat (just off the beaten path), I found the modern day chocolate factory (thanks to F&E) and left Rome on a sweet note (regardless of the flooding).

Perfect place for my 26th birthday, however I won’t be in area… maybe I should start planning for my 27th ;)

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