LATEST ADDICTION: POCKET COFFEE // italian coffee, chocolate, sugar, yum (ALBA, ITALY)


Start with a cup of strong Italian Espresso.

Add a spoonful of sugar.

Pour the coffee into this delicious piece of chocolate.

Give it the seal of approval by wrapping it in gold.

How to Eat Pocket Coffee: Due to its liquid center, Pocket Coffee is best eaten in one whole bite.

However, curiosity always gets the best of me so I did the two-bite process for research purposes. Found out that the liquid center is surrounded by a thin wall of sugar and then it’s covered with praline-chocolate.

PS: I thought about trying to “scandybar-it” but scanning Pocket Coffee would probably leave me with a broken scanner due to its liquid center… therefore you’ll just have to settle for this picture. Think research photo.

Verdict? It’s the real deal people. I thought it was just going to be coffee flavor in a chocolate shell, but it’s not.

Once you bite into the center, be prepared to taste an authentic cup of really good Italian espresso. You may be shocked and maybe a bit confused at first… but once you get past the idea of a shot of espresso coffee in a piece of chocolate, it’s so pleasant that you’ll reach into your pocket for another, and then another.

Made by the same Italian company as Ferrero Rocher, these pieces of liquid gold are produced in Northern Italy and I heard from a reliable source that these are only available during Autumn/Winter (a rare find even for Italians). If you happen to see them in stores in October… I suggest stocking up.

Pocket Coffee is the new Black.

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