ROMAN RUSH HOUR MATHEMATICS // parlafood, an american in rome, traffic, wine, pizza, beer

Commuting Formula:

Point I to Point II= 45 minutes + 15 minute Traffic Cushion= 1 Hour

Roman Formula:

Point I to Point II = 45 Minutes + Roman Rush Hr = 1 hour 30 minutes + Public Transportation = LATE

Long story short, I had plans to take a bus from Termini station to Trastevere to meet Katie Parla, native New Jerseyan, now Roman local and fellow food & travel blogger, for a beer at Balladin. Even with my standard 15 minute cushion for traffic, the bus was a no-show. Therefore, Katie created a Plan B (within seconds) and re-routed me to:

Trimani Il Winebar

Via Cernaia 37b Rome

Just down the road from Termini Station, you can find this modern and cozy winebar (filled with charming male waiters in black aprons… maybe they should add “eye candy” to their menu).

We weren’t planning to eat at the wine bar, but with all the traffic delays, we were kinda-sorta starving. With a quick glance of the menu we ordered two glasses of Rose Brut and a couple of snacks to hold us over.

Steak Tartare w/ Olive Oil & Salt

Pumpkin & Speck Quiche Served Luke-Warm

Verdict: Great place to kick back and chat over your favorite glass of wine. Convenient location and good service. Food optional.

After a delightful conversation about our passion for travel, local food producers, and life in Italy vs. the USA, I was off to meet another “American in Rome”, Natalie Aldern, food activist intern by day/blogger by night, for pizza and beer.

Formula 1 Pizzeria

Via degli Equi, 11 Rome

Forewarned by Natalie’s description as an “authentic” Roman pizza experience, I knew to expect good pizza and quick service. Receiving anything else would be considered a bonus, and I’m pretty sure we got half of a smile… which put me on Cloud 9.

Within minutes we had our table, our lawn chairs (yes, I literally mean a lawn chair) and our menus. We knew we were here for pizza (at the right price) so we decided to order and spilt: Broccoletti & Salsiccia (Sausage) Pizza and Roman food staple, fried squash blossom.

Stuffed Fried Squash Blossom

Broccoletti & Salsiccia Pizza

Verdict: Typical Roman cuisine done right. Cheap eats and a great place to hangout with friends, both new and old. Come hungry, leave happy.

A GREAT night thanks to both Katie and Natalie! Too bad we didn’t have Pocket Coffee on hand to celebrate ;)

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