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For some reason, there tends to be a lot of pressure on birthday dinners; you feel as if the meal somehow represents you…and it has to be good! Some people dine at fancy-schmancy places because it’s their day to treat themselves, others go to their favorite restaurant, and some just want a good homecooked meal… so this year, I was able to accomplish all three!

So, where did I go for my 26th birthday? A place that could incorporate all three major elements. A place where quality overrules quantity. A place that guarantees good service: Turne Monza

The decor is chic. The atmosphere is inviting. And the food… oh the food, will make your mouth go “mmm” and your mind will go “WOW”.

Prior to my birthday dinner I collaborated with Turne Monza’s Head Chef during one of my cooking lessons and requested certain dishes for the evening menu (he creates the menu based on the ingredients he receives from the markets).  So… the conversation kinda-sorta went like this, “Chef, it’s imperative that you have pumpkin, lots of pumpkin ordered for October 26th.” He nods his head. “Should we have porcini mushrooms available? Ragu?” More head nodding. “Okay and for the special risotto of the night… I’m thinking broccoletti, speck and taleggio.” Lots of head nodding and lots of smiles (risotto is his specialty).

With a small table of 10, my friends and family clinked their glasses of Prosecco to commence dinner and then we started to order: zucca (pumpkin), speck (smoked ham), ricotta, risotto, taleggio (cheese), gamberi (shrimp), pesto, scallopine… compliments to the CHEF!

Tagliatelle Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce & Ricotta

Orrechiete Pasta with Shrimp & Pesto Genovese

Porcini Mushroom

Broccoletti, Speck & Taleggio Risotto

Scaloppine Vitello

With very satisfied bellies, we all went downstairs to the winebar to meet more friends for drinks and dessert. Great thing about Turne? It doesn’t cost anything to reserve the area and you can bring your own dessert! Therefore, I made three versions of the chocolate salami to test on my friends for my friends:

  1. Original Chocolate Salami
  2. Americanized Chocolate Banana Salami
  3. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup & Banana Salami (yeah I kinda got creative when I looked in my kitchen cupboard… but I think it might’ve been the favorite of the night!)

What would you put in your chocolate salami?? Let me know your favorite combination!

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