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Il Grottino

Via Colombo 237, Riomaggiore

The night before the natural disaster in Cinque Terre occured, my family and I arrived in Riomaggiore. Welcomed by rain clouds, we decided to postpone our sightseeing until the next day (which was a horrible idea due to the Cinque Terre Flood); instead, we decided to enjoy a leisurely dinner in Riomaggiore.

Restaurant: Il Grottino lives up to its name- a tiny grotto with a beautiful ceiling, modern decor and a window peeking into its kitchen. Highly recommended by a local, we chose to stay for dinner regardless of our seating arrangement (instead of a table for four, we took the last two tables for two), in order to try some of their signature dishes.

Food: By word of mouth, I was told to try the Seppia (Cuttlefish) Carpaccio with Strawberries as an appetizer, as well as the Chestnut Pasta with Pesto & Clams for my first course.

Although intrigued with the strawberry/carpaccio combo, I wasn’t impressed with this appetizer; the fresh cuttlefish was served chilled in noodle form which was great visually… but taste wise? Too much olive oil and too much lemon. However, I am pleased to inform you that the first course recommendation was a good one; the pesto sauce complimented the chestnut pasta quite well (but the clams were a touch unnecessary).

As for the second courses, they stole the show. I was completely WOWed by the seafood dishes; cooked correctly with the right amount of flavor.

Baked Fish of the Day: Although both Mamma Ma and Aunt mentioned it being a little too boney, I quite like the challenge of deboning a fish every once and awhile. And the potatoes, seasoned to perfection.

Local “Burrida” Seafood Bowl: Generous and cooked to perfection. This dish is a hands-on type of experience so I highly recommend that you refrain from wearing anything white; red might be a better option considering the delicious tomato sauce you’ll be digging into.

Service: Same feelings as the appetizers.

Location: Il Grottino is a five minute walk down the hill from Locanda del Sole; or if you’re coming from the train station, walk all the way down the mosaic tunnel, turn left onto Via Colombo and it’ll be on your right.

Pros: Pasta, Seafood, Enivronment

Neutral: Appetizers, Service

Con: Limited Seating



Back for Seconds? This photo was taken on the day of the Cinque Terre floods. I honestly contemplated dinner at Il Grottino for a second night in the row, but the blackout throughout Cinque Terre refused this suggestion. Hence the reason why these people (in ponchos) looked confused and directionless- they were hungry and had no where to turn too… chocolate anyone?

Even though Vernazza and Monterosso suffered the worst in damages, all of Cinque Terre + and the surrounding towns are effected by this natural disaster. What caused Cinque Terre to flood? An insane amount of rain caused Cinque Terre to flood and now hotels such as Locanda del Sole and restaurants like Il Grottino, may not receive as many visitors since the people of Cinque Terre are still cleaning up the mud and the debris from landslides. Therefore, please consider helping all of Cinque Terre by clicking here for more information.


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