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Osteria Pepo

Via Rosina, 6  50125 Firenze

A hop, skip and jump away from Mercato Centrale, Osteria Pepo is at your service for good eats at great prices. The decor is cozy, cute and friendly. Rectangle chalkboards feature the dishes and desserts of the day. And the bar in the back proudly displays bottles of wine from the area.


  • The Pumpkin Soup was great and definitely a welcomed alternative (most restaurants in Italy do not serve soup).
  • Homemade Lasagna= YUM. And just to add, Osteria Pepo makes their lasagna with a cream sauce (it’s a little strong in flavor compared to the normal ragu, but I enjoyed it)!
  • Delicious Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Sage! Possibly my favorite dish of the night.
  • As for the Risotto of the Day, the Beef Stew and the Fried Cod & Veggies, I thought they were just “okay”… it would’ve been better if the Chef didn’t have such a heavy hand with the salt shaker.
  • I loved the Chocolate Souffle because it was moist and delicious and I want another! To be perfectly honest, I would’ve had two souffles if we didn’t order two second course dishes.

Service: Wonderful Service. Friendly wait staff. Good/honest recommendations.

Pros: First Course Dishes, Good Portion-Sizes, Service, Menu Prices

Cons: Over-salting.


Can I Make a Friendly Assumption?

Maybe you over salted the second course dishes because  you subconsciously wanted to give us more flavor for our unsalted bread. If so, I appreciate the flavor gesture, but the bread will STILL be unsalted even if you pour extra salt in the meal; so instead of adding more salt to the dish, how about sprinkling a teeny-tiny pinch of salt in the dough??

Wait a second, they don’t salt their bread in Florence??

  • Back in the day salt was extremely expensive, so expensive that people would get paid in salt (which totally sounds strange but then I thought… salt would be a great salary considering my current income).
  • Therefore, they’d leave salt out of their bread recipes since they knew it would be paired with food already containing salt…
  • And this tradition continues till this very today.
  • Even though I personally enjoy my bread with salt, I know that this tradition will outweigh my request by far…
  • So with that said, please pass the salt shaker.

OVERALL: I’d visit Osteria Pepo again and again. The prices are great, the dishes are local and the quality is good. Just give them a friendly reminder about their history: Salt is precious, use wisely.

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