LATEST ADDICTION : PISTACHIO // in pasta, cookies, jars, gelato… basically in every possible form…

Aside from cashews, pistachio nuts have always been my favorite. However when I was little, I was petrified of really bright, I’m talking glow-in-the-dark, slushy looking ice cream. And I refused to eat it.

Years later I had a food revelation during one of my Norwegian Cruise dinners. After eating what seemed like a 5 course meal, my trusty waiter told me he had an extra special dessert, and gave me white ice cream with fresh raspberries and wafer cookies. Thinking that the ice cream was vanilla, I took a bite and shouted (literally), “OMG. This tastes like pistachio nuts. Wait. Is this what that green ice cream tastes like??”

So there you have it ladies & gentleman, the birth of my food curiosity at age 8.

Still as food curious as ever (maybe even more so), I bought Sicilian specialty: Pesto di Pistacchio (pistachios w/ olive oil, salt & pepper)!

And the texture reminded me of peanut butter (not-so-much the taste)!!!

So I put it on this.

Threw it on this.

Added it to this.

Ate it like this.

OMG, this stuff is SO good!! What can I eat next??

I contemplated running over to Pistachiodo for gelato.

So I could eat something like this

But I was really craving this.

But instead, I happily settled for this.

DISCLAIMER: Even though it might seem like it, I’m not preggers ;)

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