TOUR THE CENTER OF FLORENCE // morning markets, local eats, ponte vecchio, uffizi, duomo, david, piazza michaelangelo for the best view, battling crowds


  • Check out the morning markets in Mercato Centrale or Piazza Sant’Ambrogio.
  • Buy a bus ticket for 1,10 euro. Take the #12 bus up to Piazza Michaelangelo for the best view in Florence. Be sure to stamp the ticket when the bus departs (no earlier), stay for 20 minutes for the photo ops., get back on the bus and use the same ticket since it’s valid for 90 minutes.
  • Buy groceries at the (affiliated) CONAD Store across the bridge from the Uffizi if you want to snack. Think Wegmans.
  • Or just follow what we did…

1. Start your day with a shot of Italian Espresso.

2. Move onto something even stronger to really say BUONGIORNO!

3. Check out the morning market produce.

 4. Go inside Mercato Centrale to order a Bollito*.

5. After a photo opp at the Duomo, say hi to David and walk through the Uffizi Museum courtyard.

6. Enjoy the view from the bridge.

7. Don’t be jealous, just grab your MOJO.

8. Photo opp it up at Ponte Vecchio.

9. Get a better view in Piazza Michaelangelo.

 10. Pick up some finger food for a light lunch**. Maybe some prosecco. Maybe some more coffee.

11. Take another picture of the bridge.

12. Or have these ladies take it.

13. Show your love for Florence.

14. Buy groceries*** from a local shop.

15. Prepare a DIY**** Tuscan aperitivo.

Would you go back to Florence? For GUSTAPIZZA, yes. However, I think the question should be, “Would you go back to Tuscany?” And that’s a hell yes. For the next trip (whenever that will be), I hope to explore different towns in Tuscany, and perhaps… if the budget allows, I’d consider looking into the travel itineraries offered by the sweet Ciao Laura (because her Farm to Fork program looks straight up my alley)!


* Bollito: Roast Beef Sandwich from Nerbone’s in Mercato Centrale

** Procacci: A tiny cafe near the massive Salvatore Ferragamo store (yes, this is how I explain directions)

*** Groceries: Prosciutto Toscana (salty cured ham), Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Baguette, Asiago Cheese, Pecorino Cheese, and a bottle of Tuscan Red Wine (make that two bottles… Mama Ma enjoys a good Red)

**** DIY = Do It Yourself (fai da te)!

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