As mentioned before, my visit to Siena was based around my reservations at Trattoria La Torre, therefore I knew I had to take the 8:50am bus from the station (walk past Firenze SMN station and head towards the bus garage) so I could arrive in the center of Siena 75 minutes later.

  • Why bus and not train? Well I’ve tried both options. Took the train my first visit to Siena in February 2010 because the buses were on strike… so let me break down the differences for you.
  • Train Time & Cost: 90 minutes to get to the station, then another 40 minute walk to the center (since buses were on strike/buses usually take 20 minutes but it depends how regular they run). Spent 6,40 train + 1,10 local bus ticket (optional).
  • Bus Time & Cost: 75 minutes from Station to Center of City. Spent 7,10. Not to mention you’ll have nice vineyard views from your bus seat; however, I suggest packing a bottle of Tums incase of motion sickness.
Since I arrived by bus this time around (the smarter option), you’d think I’d start walking the cobblestone streets up to the Duomo (cathedral)… however, my first stop was a panificio (bread shop). I saw homemade pizza and thought, “Breakfast? Yes, please.

Shortly after my pizza breakfast, I spotted Nannini Bakery and thought, “Coffee? Yes, please.” Went to the cashier, ordered a round of coffees and then I added some sweets to the bill. Went to the counter, got the coffee and examined my plate as I stood at the bar.

Two ciambelli (yummy doughnuts coated in sugar) and two ricciarelli. Riccia-what? Ricciarelli, Siena’s soft almond cookies that are absolutely-positively delicious. They come in “Bianco or Ciccolato” and you’re gonna want to choose bianco.

Once I finished my salty/sweet breakfast, I was ready to explore Siena. Hello Il Campo! Hello Tower! Hello Alberto! Hello Mercatino! Hello Gino! Hello Duomo! Hellooo??? Anybody here??? The center of Siena didn’t take very long to explore… lunch took longer.


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