So I feel like speaking about my flight from Milan to HK for the following reasons:

  • I want to explain which ticket I bought: one-way vs. roundtrip
  • I want to explain why it was a mistake buying a one-way ticket vs. roundtrip
  • I want to tell you about my flight with Russian Airline: Aeroflot

1. First up, which ticket I bought.

I was going to buy a round-trip ticket but then prices went up. So I started to contemplate when I’d leave Asia and which airport I’d return to: NY? Italy? Or somewhere else?

Long story short- I just went for the one-way, which is exciting, nerve-wrecking and what turned out to be an expensive mistake.

2. What’s wrong with buying a one-way to Hong Kong as a US citizen?

I know I have three months in HK. After three months or less, I plan on visiting nearby countries to renew my visa when necessary (friends who’ve traveled to Asia told me its possible to do this)… however I ran into a problem at the airport. They asked if I had a return ticket. I said, “No.” Then they told me that I had to buy a ticket that leaves HK before 3 months time in order to board the plane.

So I walked to the SEA Airport ticket counter to buy a flight back to NY or Italy… but then they told me to buy a ticket to Tai Pai for 300 euros because they’ll refund it once I arrive in HK since its for Visa purposes.

Easier said than done.

I paid them a 45 euro service fee with a smile, went back to check-in, and boarded the plane.

15 hours later… I landed in Hong Kong without any problems (geezus their baggage claim is precise in HK!), emailed the SEA Airport to refund my ticket and was told I had to pay another 45 euro fee which translated into 150.00 USD (two service fees + 2 exchange rate fees + 2 foreign transaction fees) just to fly out of Italy #ishouldveknown. So I said #youmustbekiddingme #robbery #takingbackthesmile

Lesson Learned: DO NOT book a one-way flight to HK. Do you know how much Pocket Coffee I can buy with $150.00? (Can you say addiction?)

3. Flying with Aeroflot

As for the actual flight, I was quite pleased with Aeroflot. It was the ONLY airline flying from Milan to HK (with a stop over in Moscow) in my budget, so I was a little concerned that the plane would fall apart in the sky, however I landed in one piece (thanks to my new Russian friend praying next to me).

Pros: On-schedule, didn’t die.

Neutral: Service. One movie plays for the entire cabin- one screen per row.

Cons: Food was gross. Sorry, but it was. Sad part about this? I was told that this airline is the best out of all of the Russian Airlines.

Now that I’m in Hong Kong, I’m ready to eat yum cha (dim sum/high tea) on a daily basis, ride the KCR/MTR (metro-system) via Octopus Card and I plan on doing lots and lots of country-hopping (since HK is my homebase)!

Will try to post as much as I can! Check back often. I’ll be posting at least two posts per week, if not more. Yeah, you know I can’t stay away from you guys that long ;)

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