THANKFUL FOR YOU : THANKSGIVING 2011 // thanksgiving memories, what thanksgiving means to me and who, what, where, when, why i am thankful

Holidays aren’t really my thing, however, Thanksgiving has a special place in my heart.

It used to be spent cheerleading at football games on the coldest days of the year (seriously). And when I’d return home frozen, I was comforted by my couch, my blanket, hot chocolate, a taped version of the Thanksgiving Day parade and dinner.

And I’ll be honest, holidays make me anxious. However, on Thanksgiving I almost never worry probably because I wasn’t in the kitchen cooking… however if I made it into the kitchen you can bet that I was sampling for quality-control here and there unless I do not see the ingredients for my absolute favorite dishes.


Roast Beef.
Soft Roasted Carrots.
Mashed Potatoes.
Sometimes Mac-N-Cheese if I was good.
Homemade appetizers throughout the day.
– Buffalo Wings
– Salmon Cakes
– Shrimp
– Potato Chips
– Bruschetta
– Meatballs
– Salad
And of course, a shiny white cheesecake from Delicious Orchards to complete the feast.

Yeah… we’re not your average family. Turkey was optional and Pumpkin Pie was definitely present, but second to the cheesecake.

So whether I was at home or at a relatives (sneezing my head off from their extremely fat cat), I just loved knowing that I was surrounded by people I care about and the fact that I had a guaranteed seat at the kid’s table. #prettysureistilldo
No stress regarding which present to buy who.
No speeches.
No more reenactments of pilgrims vs. indians. #yeswehadtodothisinelementaryschool
Just a special day of the year to make sure its shared with others around the dining room table.

So I hope you’re enjoying your day, surrounded by people you love, whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving. Just remember to “take the time to live, love, & eat!”


And obviously this post wouldn’t be complete unless I shared my thanks, so here it is: I am thankful for Family, Friends and Strangers who are constantly supporting me through my journey. A comment, an email, a like, a retweet, a whatever… it gives me the confidence and understanding that I am taking the right steps in my present and towards my future. Thank you for being part of the LITTLE MISS LOCAL project, it means A LOT to me.

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