FAST FOOD IN HONG KONG : CONGEE // rice porridge, fried dough, fast, quick, cheap

In Hong Kong there are many fast food joints… literally, there’s a McDonalds and KFC on every corner. However, if you’re in need of food fast, there’s an alternative, local chain that serves something I call juk-juk!

What’s juk-juk?

Well, the English translation is congee, and the definition of congee is rice porridge.

But I’ll be honest, I’m not really interested in the congee… I’m interested in the fried dough that’s serve right out of the fryer with the congee. It’s ridiculously good and pretty cheap. I’d eat a plate of it on my own.

You can find this chain almost as easy as a Mickey D’s. Let me know if  you’ve tried it!

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