COUCHSURFING IN HONG KONG: FOODIE EDITION // meet-ups, eat-ups, tours, taste-tests, dumpling video

Relocating to Hong Kong was a little nerve-wracking, but I knew I’d be able to contact fellow CouchSurfers (CS) in the area. With that said, here are some of the CS Food Adventures I’ve had so far in Hong Kong.

Group Dining with people from All Over the World in Yau Mai Tei.
Known for his cheap family style dining (50 HKD dinner for whatever is put in front of you), M.Wong is a place to socialize… not to eat.

Singaporean Laksa in Scheung Wan at Katong Laksa
It may be a little unorthodox to have my first Singaporean Laksa in HK, but that’s the great thing about this city… you can get delicious, quality food from neighboring countries. So when the invitation was presented to try my first bowl of laksa, I was in Scheung Wan quicker than you could say Singapore.

Katong Laksa definitely impressed me. Although a little on the expensive side, 80HKD for one dish and a side of satay in comparison to a normal Chinese dim sum which costs around 50HKD, I’d gladly go for another visit. Really nice heat, spice, and overall flavor. Big thanks to Titus, a CS Canadian living in HK!


Japanese Noodles in Tsim Sha Tsui.
A CS Foodie from Korea and I were advised by another CS Food Writer in HK to go to Ippodon, a Japanese Chain known for it’s Ramen noodles. A bit hesistant to go to a chain, nonetheless a Japanese chain in HK, we were told that these are the BEST noodles in town. 130 HKD later per person and we beg to differ. Noodles were fine but def not that much better than the instant noodles I bought in college for 30 cents. As for the asahi beer that’s supposed to be super duper good? It tasted like Miller Lite. Although the meal fell short, the night was saved by these two cuties slurping on their ramen and good company!

More CS Events to come!

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