WHO RUNS OUT OF RICE IN ASIA? // VEGGIE SF IN HONG KONG : avoid if you’re vegan, avoid if your hungry, avoid if you actually want to receive the food that’s written on the menu

Couch Surfing Vegans in Hong Kong invited anyone who’s interested in reducing their meat intake for an eat-up at Veggie SF, a stylish San Fran replica that promotes their love for animals by producing a veggie friendly menu.

Define Vegetarian: A person who does not eat meat, fish or fowl; in some cases no cheese or eggs
Define Vegan: A vegetarian that does not eat products derived from animals

In a solid group of nine, three vegans and six food enthusiasts, we all squeezed into the tiny elevator to the Veggie SF floor. As the elevator doors opened, we were quite impressed by the decor and cozy atmosphere. Tables were full, but luckily we made a reservation a week in advance.

Food: Presentation aside, this was a laughable meal due to the fact that owner of the restaurant told us she ran out of burger buns… then she ran out of pumpkin fries… and then she ran out of rice. Seriously, how do you run out of rice in Asia?

– I had two bottom burger buns and zero pumpkin fries #istillwantmypumpkinfries

– We were discouraged to order milkshakes because the waitress said,”I have to make them so it will take a minimum of 15 minutes… so how about you order something different?” #stillorderedtheshakes #weorderedtwo

– One rice plate was made with a non-vegan product, so the vegan customer was asked to switch with someone else at the table or to scrape it off because the restaurant ran out of rice. However, after politely addressing the fact that she cannot eat this meal, the waitress took the plate of rice, placed it on someone else’s table, and substituted the mistaken meal for another dish. #yeahshetotallyputriceonanothertable #ithinktheywereherfriends #imprettysuretheywerecharged

Service: Completely unacceptable. The owner/waitress was fully aware of the size of our party as well as the special dietary needs. She should have been prepared to feed her customers in the restaurant instead of leaving out key items on our plates without notice and/or substituting ingredients with a close second.

And the funny thing is… they were still accepting customers after we left! #whatareyougoingtofeedthem?

Endnote: We paid the full amount for missing items and dietary mishaps. Approx 150HKD per person and that’s the last time I plan on going to Veggie SF unless they get their shiz together. Looking forward to visiting other Veggie friendly restaurants in the area with these wonderful CouchSurfers.

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