CHINESE DUMPLINGS IN HONG KONG WITH COUCHSURFERS + VIDEO // fried or steamed pork dumplings, served as a dish or in a bowl or noodles, mama ma’s family recipe

CouchSurfers from all over the world got together to taste some authentic Chinese Dumplings in Central (an area in the center of Hong Kong). We had an ambassador from London, a Parisian, an Indonesian, a Swed, me, and a local Hong Konger who showed us the way to a street filled with Dumpling Houses. For approximately 45 HKD per person we munched on the following:

Which one was the Winner?

None of the above.

To be quite honest I was a little surprised, and rather disappointed due to the lack of “wow-factor” from this dumpling house. The dumplings were greasy, the meat tasted chewy and the flavor was overpowered by either the chives or veggies.

So the next time I’m CRAVING CHINESE DUMPLINGS, I’m going to the BEST DUMPLING HOUSE I know… and that would be MY HOUSE. Mama Ma taught me how to make dumplings before I learned how to spell my name.

So, if you’re craving dumplings and want them in your own home… fear not. I made a How-To Make Mama Ma’s Chinese Dumpling video (actually it was one of my first videos)… so enjoy, and let me know how much you love them =)

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