LATEST OBSESSION: MANGOES // fresh, dried, made into icecream, blended in smoothies, juiced, put in sauces… you get the point

Over the past few days, the following conversations have taken place:

“Justine, what do you want for breakfast?” Mango.
“Justine, are you ok? Does your stomach hurt??” I think I need some mango.
“What did you eat for dinner?” Mangoes.
“Should we buy some mango to bring with us??” Absolutely, get a few kilos.

I grew up on the East Coast and I’m pretty sure you can guess which fruit is my favorite. Mango. A difficult fruit to find regularly in NJ, however, I’d see them at the supermarket on occasion… and they’d be hard as a rock- can you say disappointed? I mean, if they aren’t in season… why are they in the store??

So long, whinyyy story short, I’d munch on dried mangoes until fresh mangoes turned up in the refrigerator, ripe and ready to eat.

However, now that I’m in Asia… I find mango everywhere. Can you say, excited?! Therefore, I pretty much order mango at every opportunity… even if it only has the word mango in it…

I’m not sure how many different mangoes there are in the world, but Asia has a lot of them.

Just learned how to cut a mango through trial and error. Cut the mango vertically into thirds because you CANNOT cut the pit or pull it out… believe me, I’ve tried and got mango juice.

Add diced mango to smoothies.

Eat a bowl of mango ice-cream, surrounded by more mango and sticky rice balls.

Order dishes that come with mango sauce.

Create your own drink. Can you guess what’s inside?

Even mangosteens, a purple jungle fruit that is NOT in the mango family, however it’s totally awesome and it has the word mango in it. Sweet, juicy, delicious mangosteen.

Still curious about the mangosteen? Watch this!

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