GAY & LESBIAN PARADE + SOY HOUSE IN CAUSEWAY BAY // tofu based menu, local style, vegetarian/buddhist friendly

When I looked at the MTR map (Hong Kong’s Metro system), I spied with my little eye, Causeway Bay. I’ve heard a lot about this place and especially for their food. So I rode about three different lines, exited the station and walked into a Gay and Lesbian Parade. Can you say colorful?!

A bit overwhelmed by the crowd, but I totally enjoyed the positive atmosphere at the 10th Annual Gay and Lesbian Parade. I mean I was kinda surprised, I totally thought they would be conservative over here but they’re more open-minded than some of the states! So with that said, I had no problem going up to parade participants and asking for food advice.

And that’s when I met Karen. Tall, thin, Karen, who graciously pointed me in the direction of a local soy house. She even taught me how to order during the walk over! So take a look at the video to see what I ate for lunch and try to count how many times I say the word local haha…


PS: Yeah… I didn’t realize my head was cut off until I edited the video, however enjoy the guy in the background watching me talk to myself.

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