PICK A PATCH : FIGURE OUT THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES & ITINERARY // #wwLML, six countries, no time-limit, curiosity meets craving tour, learning about culture through cuisine

Collecting patches became a little hobby for my sister and I when we met a couple on our Norwegian Cruise about two decades ago. They introduced us to it and we kinda kept it up ever since. Therefore I collect patches for EVERY country I visit and if you’re wondering where I am/where I’ll be… I’ll be traveling Southeast Asia for a couple weeks!

What to know Where in the World is Little Miss Local? Just figure out the flags for each of the six countries and then try to guess the order…

#wwLML Clues for Destination #1:
– It’s perfectly acceptable to wear pajamas as your daily outfit as long as they match.
– They use two currencies in this country.
– They do not have a metro system in this city.
– It’s a 3rd world country.
– It’s kinda obvious ;)

I’ll be revealing all six #wwLML locations while I posts… happy trails!

PS: I plan to post often so check in when you can =)

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