HONG KONG :: BIG WAVE BAY // bus ride to the outskirts of the city, surfers, water, mountains, groupon dinner

With little convincing, Lior, Marc and I took the metro to the furthest point on the metro, to take a 30-45 minute bus ride to Big Wave Bay. Let’s just say it was a hike. When we finally arrived, it was pure bliss.

Who knew there were surfers in Hong Kong??

If we were better prepared, we should’ve brought one of three things: hiking boots, a bathing suit or a blanket! You can climb the trails, rent a board and ride the ways OR you could just relax and take in the scenery… your choice.

As for us, we just took in the fresh air, the rocks, the mountains, and the surfers from a distance… it was beautiful.

And by the way, if Big Wave Bay is too far… another option is heading to Lei Yee Mun to get some fresh air and a spectacular view of the city.

Stay tuned, following this excursion we went to a delicious 8 Course Indian Meal for 40HKD thanks to GroupOn!

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