HONG KONG :: 8 COURSE GROUPON DEAL // indian food, chai tea, and a never ending basket of naan bread

After our short visit to Big Wave Bay, we hopped into a bus, paid 13HKD cash (sorta shady since all buses take Octopus Card) and made it back to Chai Wan in 25 minutes (definitely worth the extra change)!

When we got back to the station, Lior, Marc and I were on a mission to find an Indian Restaurant. Why Indian you ask?? Marc had a GroupOn coupon for 80HKD, at a Indian Restaurant in Chai Wan (8 courses, spilt by two people)- good deal.

The food was definitely toned down… and I think Indian is the ONLY food I want toned down from its normal spice factor ;) Needless to say, everything was fantastic. I wish I could remember the restaurants name but we ended up spending 80 HKD each because the food was oh-so-good.



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