CULTURE SHOCK : YOU WONT BELIEVE HOW PEOPLE DRIVE IN CAMBODIA + VIDEO // police encourage bribery, children ride without helmets, cars are in the middle of the road, u-turns on a whim, motorcycles in EVERY direction, people piled on a vehicle… just watch the video

A bit speechless… watch the video.

Okay so now that you’ve watched the video, I think you understand why I was taken back. I met a family friend upon arrival, so Uncle David, a native Cambodian, drove me around Phnom Penh (a major city in Cambodia) and I couldn’t believe the chaos. At one point I had to close my eyes because I was having miniature heart attacks… but I’m told that you get use to it after awhile.

PS: If you chose not to watch the video and you’re a foreigner (especially women), do not drive in Cambodia. It’s not because you’re not a good driver, it’s because you’ll get a ticket because you’re a foreigner and/or a woman.

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