UPGRADE : LML v2.0 // hostgator.com, new messaging system, 999g of memory means more drool worthy pictures to come

LML Travel

Hiii everybody! So if you’ve been following LittleMissLocal.com, you know that LML got a facelift in October (which I like to refer to as LML v1.5).

Since then I’ve been trying to simultaneously move all of the content on LML v1.5 to a self-hosting site, while traveling my way around the globe. Not so easy when there’s only one bar signal, or rather, no signal at all to let family and friends that I’m still alive.


I managed to move (almost) everything over to my new self-hosting site, Hostgator.com, which means I have 999 more gigs to post photos for all of you to enjoy! Can I get a hooray?!

Unfortunately some of the comments, like thirty of them, did not transfer over … and I’m super sad about that because I absolutely, positively LOVE hearing from everyone and appreciate all of the positive feedback from the “LML Tribe” (<– thanks for that, Claudio)!

So in order to prevent this from happening again (fingers crossed), LML 2.0 runs on a new comment program called DISQUS to monitor ALL messages- so PLEASE make sure to share your light and love =)

Additionally, LML v2.0 has a similar layout to LML v1.5 but now you can:

  • contact me directly through the website
  • choose from a handful of mini-posts on the main page before opening the post to its full-size
  • view one featured photo when the post is not expanded (only if it was posted after January 1, 2012)

Thanks for your patience with littlemisslocal.com, I hope you enjoy the new features, more to come (I think)!

PS: I’m so far from tech savvy it’s ridiculous- THANKS to those of you who’ve dropped me an SEO tip here and there… I hope to make littlemisslocal.com something amazing (soon).

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