FRESH JASMINE WREATHS // smells divine, handstrung by locals, hang it in your car, buy for 0.25 cents, sold on streets or at markets


When I passed by these wreaths I didn’t really understand their purpose until I took a whiff.

“Are these scratch and sniff bracelets??”

Umm… close but not really. They’re fresh jasmine wreaths. Actualy they’re hand-strung fresh jasmine wreaths. Sold by locals from 0.25-0.75 cents (US).

They could be considered the Cambodian version of an air freshener. You’ll see them hung in cars and sold in the streets.

A friend purchased one for me at the local market and I wanted to strap it to my body. The smell will remind you of a cup of tea and it really helps out to have one nearby when you’re walking through an unpleasant area. Support the locals and buy one… just made sure they’re fresh and it’ll last you a couple weeks!

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