THE BLUE PUMPKIN // homemade icecream shop, cafe with cozy seats & free internet


Being the Italian gelato snob that I’ve become, I wasn’t really interested in any type of  icecream outside Italy… and of all the places, I really didn’t think that Cambodia would have any icecream other than the ones in the supermarket to offer. However, a certain someone said the “i” word on a rather hot, thirsty-kind of evening… so I caved.

And I almost died for a scoop of icecream.

Remember the video where I was crossing the street?

Icecream was my reward.

And it was DELICIOUS.

I had one scoop called “four spices” which was served in a cute little cup.

What did it taste like? Aside from a little indian-cinnamon heaven? The texture reminded me of Hoffmans in Spring Lake, NJ… which means, homemade, thick and smooth enough to taste all of the flavors.

If the icecream doesn’t win you over, the service and decor will. I mean don’t you just want to have a pillow fight?

PS: If you decide to spend the majority of your day at the Blue Pumpkin to reconnect to the world, they offer western food but I’d recommend eating their icecream as main meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

PPS: Blue Pumpkin is unique to Cambodia and due to its popularity, you can find a few of them in Phnom Penh and a handful in Siem Reap.

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