CULTURE SHOCK : CAMBODIANS EXERCISE AT THE OLYMPIC STADIUM // increase your lifespan, join a dance class, eat a banana post workout

LML Arms Curls


Somethings you should know about me:

1) I melt when I see cute babies.

2) Elephants are my favorite animal.

3) I’m allergic to cats and exercise.

It’s true. Verbs like running, jogging, lifting… they all give me asthma. Well, maybe not lifting… I can do multiple sets of arm curls (as featured in my NYC Shake Shack Burger photo below)…

So when I was asked if I wanted to take an exercise class in Cambodia, my head automatically started moving side to side. Why?

  • Following instructions in Cambodian could be difficult. (Don’t bring up follow the leader).
  • I didn’t want to break a sweat (who am I kidding, it’s hot as hell in Cambodia).
  • I don’t have a membership… (find out how much it costs to participate for an entire month in the video)!


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