MISSION : CAMBODIAN COFFEE BEAN ADVENTURE // a multi-step process to understand coffee from bean to cup

no license plate

Cambodians are hard workers. They live modest lifestyles, but they always strive to have a better life for their family… and with a little help, their ideas can become realities.

So one day while driving around Phnom Penh (behind cars with no license plates), David started telling me about his latest investment (he has about six different jobs). A friend of his is creating the FIRST Cambodian coffee brand (you can probably imagine my ears perking up when he mentioned the word coffee… I actually slipped him a piece of #PocketCoffee as he was explaining his story).

“First Cambodian brand of coffee??” And when I thought about- it made sense. There’s Vietnamese coffee, there’s Colombian Coffee, but I’ve never heard about Cambodian coffee… so I started to dig for more information.

David told me that “Vietnamese” coffee beans are grown on Cambodian soil and then sold to Vietnam for a nominal amount. However, local coffee bean farmers are in danger of shutting down their production because they do not have enough revenue to pay for workers and their land. In order to support the locals, David and his friends are in the process of creating a Cambodian coffee brand called: Angkor Coffee

Where do I come in? Long story short, over the past month or so they’ve invited me to join them on various coffee excursions to document their journey from the actual bean to the brew in the cup. Over the next few days I’m going to show you:

  • the 8hr car journey I took up to the Northern farms of Cambodia… lotsa food discoveries along the way
  • photos of the coffee farms and the roasting process
  • how they’re gonna get this project off the ground (well, ideas at least)


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