ROAD TRIP: BREAKFAST // meat & egg steamed buns, fresh from the steamer, on the side of a dirt road

Steam Buns

When traveling with three guys, expect them to forget to communicate any and all “minor” details. Minor details include: how long you’re staying, where you’re going, what you’ll need… etc. The only thing they’ll let you know is when they’re leaving (and if they’re from Cambodia, expect them to be an hour late).

About 2 hours into the trip, and one too many bumpy/unpaved roads later, the guys said, “Okay, everybody out.”

I thought to myself, “FINALLY, we’re here!” But then I started to look around and there were no coffee farms in sight.

Instead I saw this:

We were about 6 more hours away from our destination (and that means I probably should’ve packed more than a camera in my backpack, thanks for the heads up guys)- this was just our pit stop for breakfast.

So we ordered the only thing on the menu other than cigarettes displayed in the same case– steamed buns… and they were SO good.

I’ll admit that I was a little hesitant to try it when I saw them break one open… they look monstrous.

But I started off by tasting the outside of the bun… yummy. Then I had a little piece of the bun with the meat on it. Even Yummier. It was like a combination of Chinese & Vietnamese served in a ball.

I wish I knew the name of it, but like most dishes I eat here, I just take a picture of it… and if I want it again, I find the picture on my camera and point. But it’s so popular that I could just make a shape of a circle and I’m pretty sure they’d serve me one. Everyone, and literally mean everyone who passed by picked up one of these freshly steamed buns whether they were on their motorbike, in their car or walking by.

Basically, all the cool kids were eating it. And they’re hella cheap.

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