ROAD TRIP : STREET FOOD // bamboo rice shoots, mangoes, mangosteens, hotel view


Lunch was a bit unconventional (at least for me it was). We stopped somewhere to sit down (near the touristy area where you can see dolphins), but they ran out of food. So, we found a market and well, you know me and markets- I’m bananas for them. So the boys checked out what they had to offer and stumbled upon these:

To be honest, I thought they were noise shakers… so I started to moved onto the next stall before I realized they were buying some. And well, this really didn’t phase me because my guy friends always tend to buy the most ridiculous things at markets.

But they aren’t noise makers, they’re pieces of bamboo with rice and peanuts inside! So cool right? You take out the fiberous part in the middle, unpeel it like a banana and then you just break off the sticky rice and enjoy.

Can you say, DELICIOUS??

They cost about $1.00 each so we got about 5 or 6 to take on the rode with us.

Following the bamboo rice, we decided that we needed fruit. And when asked which fruit I wanted, I think we all know the answer to this… I picked out six mangoes as well as a sack full of mangosteens that were devoured in a total of 10 minutes… so much for road trip food.

By the time we reached our destination, we were out of food… but I think that this view alone was worth the 8hr trip- don’t you?

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