ROAD TRIP : PART 1 COFFEE BEAN FARMS // organic cambodian coffee beans, local cambodian workers, colorful, bitter, delicious


Cambodia has history, culture, life, resources, and a great climate.

In Northern Cambodian they have rubber tree farms, paper tree farms, coffee farms… you name it. They grow it all.
And I don’t know about you… but I’ve never really seen any of these farms before in real-life. Actually, farms in generals… and it’s kinda sad since I grew up in New Jersey!
But anyway, here we are. We drove another two hours… four hours from the hotel… I really can’t keep track anymore… and ended up surrounded by trees, plants, and a lot of red dirt.
When they parked the car a farmer lead us into the farm and I’m talking “Field of Dreams”. I literally walked into the coffee trees and found a group of workers shaking the coffee from the plant.
Did you know that coffee starts out looking like this??
I ate the outer skin and it was delicious- but a little bitter.
More coffee chronicles to come!
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