ROAD TRIP : PART 2 COFFEE BEAN FARM // drying the coffee beans, shelling, bringing the beans from the ground to the machine

LML creativity

So you saw the Cambodians hand pick the organic coffee from the tree

(yes, I know you’re distracted by the pretty girl- she’s gorgeous!).

Well, once they collect the coffee, they have to spread it out to let them dry.

Never knew coffee was so colorful right??

Color fades after it’s in the sun for sometime…

But once the coffee dries out, you can use it as a blackboard (or maybe that’s just the teacher in me).

Look, it’s so much fun, everyone wants to write something!

And if Angkor Coffee ends up using this for their menu cover,

you know who was the mastermind behind it all.

When everyone’s finished playing, the coffee goes into the machine…

And then it gets shelled!

See the coffee beans transform when they get roasted… soon!

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