ROAD TRIP : END OF THE NORTHERN JOURNEY // $2.00 hand carwashes (interior/exterior), lunch with fresh coconuts and lots and lots of pineapple

pineapple stand

Day two became the end of the Northern Cambodian coffee farm journey.

Mission Completed: explored the coffee farms, spoke with the local farmers and tasted the coffee beans… so we decided to make the 8hr trek back to Phnom Penh (where I’ll continue to learn about the roasting process).

But before that happened.. the car desperately needed a good wash…

There’s alotta red dirt on the road… so while the car got pretty, we stopped to have lunch…

Cambodians got it good- they can wear pajamas to work- can you say jealous?!

My favorite dish was the fish but I devoured it before I got a photo.

And then we picked up dessert before going back home…

Buying in bulk pays off. $25.00 for 60 pineapples. I’m not kidding. Just look at the truck of the car. I’m somewhere in there. Seriously.

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