ROAD TRIP : COFFEE ROASTING PROCESS IN PHNOM PENH // natural coffee beans, extremely hot temps, manual guidance, fresh outta the roaster


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How-To Roast Cambodian Coffee:

  1. Drive to a remote location where you can’t burn the city down.
  2. Get a massive roasting machine and hire two guys from 6:00-4:00pm to watch it all morning and afternoon.
  3. Get the fire going early…
  4. Funnel the coffee beans into the roasting machine.
  5. Lock and cover.
  6. Monitor for the next hour and a half.
  7. Release coffee beans into a barrel.
  8. Rake out coffee beans to cool.
  9. Draw a picture or create images with the coffee beans… I mean, check for quality control.
  10. Ship coffee beans straight to the customers.
  11. Brew a fresh cup of coffee =)

Pretty sure I got tan just standing next to that machine. Insanely hot!

But glad I got the opportunity to see how coffee beans get roasted… even happier I finally got to taste a cup!

So what does Angkor Coffee taste like?

Well I expected it to be strong… but I didn’t expect it to have the same natural flavor I tasted when I visited the coffee farms in Northern Cambodia. It had the same bitter coffee flavor as the reddish/greenish skin on the coffee bean.

Pleasantly unexpected! Strong, natural, bitter yet aromatic. I’m told it’s “very Cambodian” LOL. I guess you should try a cup when you’re in town… more info on that next post!




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