MISSION COMPLETE: THE ANGKOR COFFEE PROJECT // organic, cambodian, natural


(all information has been provided by Angkor Coffee)

Want to get a cup of Angkor Coffee?

Well that might prove difficult since they’re brand new… but they have a plan…

Angkor Coffee’s Plan of Action:

– Angkor Coffee plans to buy $500,000 worth of coffee beans from the Northern Cambodians (I imagined a scenario where the boys stood in a circle on a soapbox and said “Keep the beans in Cambo!” but I’m not really sure how that went down)

– Angkor Coffee roasts 5 batches of coffee a day (one batch of coffee means 50 kilos at a time for 1.5hr)

– Angkor Coffee is looking for people to purchase their coffee (they provide samples of their product at expos and have a regular customer base)

– They have plans to purchase a coffee shop in the heart of Phnom Penh in 2012… so I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned!



If you’re in Phnom Penh or planning to visit- the boys of Angkor Coffee frequent Brown Coffee and Bakery (for now)! It’s definitely westernized but I really enjoyed the iced mocha, the green tea latte, their fresh baked goods (almond croissant/plain croissant), and all of their sandwiches/salads… but most of all I loved the good service and the free internet! Cheers!










PS: Incase you’re wondering, these are not paid advertisements (like everything else on littlemisslocal.com thus far)- just helping out some new friends! Loved learning about the coffee process and can’t wait to see what I discover next!

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