TRAVEL INTERRUPTION: SUPERBOWL XLVI GIANTS vs. PATS // american football, staple superbowl snacks, 3.5 hours of neck to neck competition, both teams cannot count past 10 but in the end it was a GIANT win

NY cheesecake + Giants win superbowl

A couple weeks ago while I was eating breakfast in my hostel, I overheard that the Giants were playing the 49ers for the Championship game (the game before the Superbowl).

And later on that day, I discovered that the Giants BEAT the 49ers because the 49ers f’ed up. And by F’ED, I mean FUMBLED… of course.

So I knew that I had to support New York on Superbowl Sunday no matter where I was in the world. Therefore I prepped my wardrobe: rocked the Red & Blue (not to be confused with the Pats) and made sure to have a slice of PIZZA in my hand. Staple Superbowl Food.

Oh and add a bag of chips, tortillas, and a plate of wings… easy to find “football food” no matter where you are in the world, but I passed on the hot dogs.

Favorite commercial of Superbowl 46?

Superbowl Sunday is known for the BEST commercials of the year but this is the ONLY commercial that made me want to press rewind over and over.

Best play of the game?

Scenario: 4th Quarter, last 2 mins of the game. Manning threw the ball and made it 38 yards to Manningham. Two men on the tackle, ball control and the tips of the toes touching in- PHENOMENAL!!!!

Add this one: don’t ask me to explain it, just watch.

Funniest goal of the game?

Honestly, we didn’t know whether to cheer or be concerned. Why? We wanted to run the clock to the end of the game with 0:57 left which would’ve been enough time for the Pats to score… luckily they didn’t!!!! Now we can cheer for #44’s game winning goal!

Halftime Show? Better than expected.

Best part about Madonna’s show? Cee-lo.

Celebrating with leftover pizza, cheesecake (NY’s celebratory cake) and bragging rights. Congrats to New York and our G-Men!

Sideline Notes from LML:

  • Even though I’m usually MORE excited about the snacks at the game, more than the game itself…
  • Football is to Americans, like Soccer is to Italians… you’re born to support it.
  • And last night, I realized how much I know about football: I actually know which way the ball should travel, I knew which guys needed to be sacked (hit) despite the similar color in uniforms, and I had the patience to watch the entire Superbowl from start to finish, which included half-time and commercials.
  • FYI: Commercials are kind of a big deal during the Superbowl- they should be funnier than the norm but 9 times out of 10, they’re not.
  • If you’ve never heard about American Football, the rules are simple: get the oval shaped ball to the endzone (goal) no matter what it takes… just don’t get a yellow flag (penalty), you cannot have more than 11 men on the field, offense must reach/pass the invisible yellow line in less than 4 tries… and if you want to know about the yardage… well, don’t ask me what 1st & 10 is… I just know a cheer about it.


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