HOT POT: THE CURE TO THE COMMON AILMENT // forget tiger balm, drink soup whether you’re healthy, getting sick or already sick


It’s been three days since I’ve eaten anything other than bread and hot water, so my Aunt (who’s based in Cambodia) with very limited English told me to eat, “Hot Pot… Hot Pot…”

Since family knows best, I followed her advice… but I wasn’t exactly sure what Hot Pot meant. I figured it was something along the lines of a bowl of soup… but when I arrived at the restaurant it was so much more fun than just a plain bowl of soup!

Watch the video to see how community “Hot Pot” functions!


And now that the stomach ailments have passed, it’s time to move onto the next destination! #wwLML??

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! Saigon!

What’s the difference?

Well,  I surely haven’t figured that out yet… I’m just going for the food. And I’m flying there because I don’t want to pick up another virus from another bus ride.

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