VIETNAM : BACH DANG ICECREAM SHOP // natural fruit flavors, oldest icecream shop in hcmc, fresh fruit, great view of the traffic and city buildings

vietnam traffic

You know that childhood joke… “why did the chicken cross the road?” and then they say, “to get to the other side?” Well I never understood why it was categorized as a joke… I was always like, “common sense people, common sense!”.

However… now that I’ve visited Vietnam- I got the joke. There’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll make it to the other side alive in Vietnam… so please tell me, why did LML cross this road?

(Mama Ma, close your eyes.)

OBVIOUSLY, to get to the other side… for this.

That’s right everybody. My achilles heel. Homemade icecream served in a young coconut- isn’t it beautiful??

Bach Dang icecream shop is the oldest in Ho Chi Minh City (1979) and still one of the best in town. I got two scoops: coconut and taro root, served with fresh fruit on top (and I totally scraped the sides of the coconut to eat the flesh) for 85,000 dong (approx $4.00). Nice flavors, smooth creamy texture- no artificial flavors whatsoever. And if you’re brave you could order the king of fruits (durian) in icecream form here!

So the next time you’re in Vietnam and you want to cross the road to get to the other side, make sure there’s a Bach Dang icecream shop on the corner waiting for you. It’s a great reward.

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