VIETNAM : NIGHT STREET MARKET // ho chi minh city sites, vendors, clever tees

iPho Tshirt

Welcome to the HCMC Night Market.

Below you will find some of my favorite finds… enjoy!

Best T-Shirt at the Market:

iCame, iSaw, iPho. Very clever Vietnamers.

Your pho is nice… but the soup is way better.

Most Colorful Food:

To be honest, I had no clue what this was at first… but once I got a little closer I was intrigued by the pretty sticky rice colors.

Coolest Mode of Transport:

I’ve seen wheel barrels, I’ve seen bikes, I’ve seen tuk-tuks… but everything in one?? with so many different compartments?? veggies on top, umbrella on the bottom… no gasoline required?? Awesomeness.

Best Photo Opp:

Near the Rex Hotel you will find five major tourist attractions within walking distance of one another. And as you guys all know… I’m not really interested in museums or palaces… but this photo opp was SO COOL because the reflection of the palace was bouncing off of the store windows… “CLICK”!

Want to find out my favorite street food treats?? Find out on the next LML post!

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