VIETNAM: BO BIA NGOT & WARM FLATTENED BANANA // street food treats, made with fresh fruit, devoured in seconds, costs approx $0.50

Bo Bia Ngot Ingredients

Okay so my favorite street food treat winner came down to two favorites, two good favorites. And both treats are made with fresh fruit… so let’s get started.

First Up: Bo Bia Ngot, a mini burrito looking, coconut & sugar cane filling, black sesame piece of magic.

First you take a pre-made crepe.

Scrape fresh coconut out of its shell and then pair it with sugar cane and black sesame seeds on top of the crepe. Roooll it!

Take two bites and you’re done!

Thoughts? Ken insisted that I try this little dessert springroll, and to be perfectly honest I was hesitant. The “no cooking necessary/just assembly deal” freaked me out after being ill from who-knows-what. I mean, I wasn’t sure what the crepe was made of  and I didn’t know what those straw-looking-things were… but I took a leap of faith and decided to trust Ken.

Verdict? Amazeballs. Love at first chew. The crunchiness of the sugar cane (those were the straw-looking things) paired with the flavors of the coconut and the soft texture of the crepe were so spot on!!

From this point forward I wanted to try EVERYTHING. So with that said, we’re onto the other favorite!

Next Up: Flattened/Dried Banana Pancake

Scenario: I saw this lady, sitting on the sidewalk, with her feet tucked underneath her and had no idea what she was selling.

I thought I saw paper… then I saw bananas… and then it was confirmed- I saw both.

Ken told me that they flatten the bananas paper thin, dry them in the sun and then heat them over coals to warm it up. For a mere 5,000 dong which is $0.25, I tried this large piece of “banana paper” and it was delicious. Such a simple, healthy snack! Loved it so much, I bought another one the day after.

Do you have a favorite street food treat??

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