VIETNAM : MEKONG DELTA TOUR // 2 day tour with the sinhtourist + robotic tour guides

On the way to Local VIllages

Excited to escape the hustle and bustle of HCMC, Vietnam, I signed up for a 2-Day Food Tour of the Mekong Delta with SinhTourist. I was eager to see:

  • how bricks are made

  • local markets

  • the famous Cai Be floating market

  • the transportation system on the Mekong Delta…

but it all sorta fell flat because the tour guides were… well, they were kinda like this the entire time…

And then we had some engine problems…

But luckily our driver took care of everything.

For $30.00 USD (+ the 50,000 dong that was casually taken from my lunch bill), I guess I should be happy I got a room for the night and transportation to places I wouldn’t have be able to see on my own. Has anyone else taken this tour? I know it’s popular so share your thoughts! My favorite part of the trip will be featured in the next post!

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