LATEST OBSESSION : COCONUTS // vietnam coconut candy makers, coconut rugs, coconut drinks, coconut milk, coconut bras, coconut everything…

Fresh Coconuts

“Chinese Mahjong anyone??”

That was the first thought that ran into my mind when we walked off of the boat and into their open workspace… I mean, “how rude can we be just walking in on them during their free time??”

But they weren’t playing with the creme colored blocks with Chinese symbols, they were making candy… and when I looked a little bit closer, I realized they were making COCONUT CANDY.

Even though coconuts are really popular, it was so foreign to me.

  • I’ve seen them as dried fruit
  • shredded
  • in drinks…
  • as an icecream flavor…
  • and you know we’ve all seen them worn as coconut bras

But I never enjoyed a coconut until I saw it being made into coconut candy, so let me walk you through the process…

First up, get a bunch of coconuts.

Take off the protective layer to get down to the fibers…

Open the coconut to release the milk and coconut meat… but save fibers to make a coconut rug (no wasting here)!

Once the juice and the meat are out of the shell, add a little bit of sugar and mix it over the fire…

Get the mixture into a dough consistency, then scrape it quickly into the lined mold.

Once they take shape, cut the candy into rectangles before the shape sets.


Wrap the candy with a layer of edible rice paper, another paper wrapper to seal it up and then sell an entire package for just over $1.00. They also make the coconut candies with peanuts, durian, and other fun flavors!

Oh and make sure to get fresh coconut to wash it down while you’re there!

Even though we were only there for a total of 15 minutes, it was definitely the BEST part of the trip for me!

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