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chili crab claw

AirBnB is my go to site for affordable accomodation. I look for price, location and cleanliness. Aside from those three things, personalities are a huge factor once I narrow down my selections from the site… which is why I ended up choosing to stay with Jehan in Singapore. She had great references and describes herself as a walking local restaurant guide- can you say sold??

I bunked on her living couch for a few days while I explored the territory. To kick off the food tour, Jehan recommended that I try the famous Singaporean chili crab.

Hawker Center: I’ve never been to a hawker center. I didn’t know what to expect… but I thought hawker centers were going to be like mall stalls. Instead it was just an open-air spaces filled with plastic furniture.

Food: So I picked the only stall that was still open at 2:30pm and ordered Chili Crab. The lady pointed to the glass tank and told me to pick out my crab… so I looked at the little floating signs that said their weight and picked the smallest one they had (7oz. crab)- good thing I was hungry.

When the crab arrived to my giant plastic table I was wondering where it was. Is this just the sauce, is the crab coming later? Well, soaked underneath a bucket load of sauce, I found the crab hiding. Being the master seafood eater that I am, I pulled apart the shell and got to work. By the time I finished the ENTIRE crab on my own, I was sweating and exhausted.

Thoughts: Since this was the first dish I had in Singapore, I had higher expectations. As happy as I was to have a fresh crab straight from the tank, I wish I knew the portion was going to be so big. I thought I could order chili crab as easy as I could chicken tenders in the states and in smaller portions (but it’s not the same). Chili crab is a dish to be shared with others… maybe 3-4 people… and well, I ate it on my own.

Flavors: I honestly didn’t think the chili crab was a big deal. I know a ton of people that would’ve loved it, but as a foodie, the sauce was way too heavy and the flavors weren’t surprising- maybe they Americanized it for me??

Cost: 36 Singaporean Dollars


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