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Chinatown in Singapore

True or False? Every major city has a Chinatown.

NYC, check. Milan, check. London, check. Hong Kong, umm check +. Paris… has two!

As for Singapore, checkkk! And it’s pretty awesome.

Like most Chinatowns around the world, this Chinatown has kitchy red lanterns strewn throughout the area and some of the best deals in town. From electronics to tailors to massages to food stalls- everything is happening in Chinatown… and I kinda love it. Hands down the cleaniest Chinatown I’ve ever seen. And so versatile.

Could you find an Austrian Hot Dog stand at your local Chinatown?

Didn’t think so.

I mean, you know you’ve found a good wuertsel in Singapore when…

… the smell is intoxicating.

… the bread is fresh.

… the vendor is not Asian.

… everything on the menu is recommended.

Meet Erich. A not-so friendly, Austrian Hot Dog Chef/Vendor who knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

In a word, his hot dogs are “YUM.”

Being the New Yorker that I am, I refuse to eat bad hot dogs (they’re kinda weird to begin with so I don’t need any more weirdness). And even though I was standing in Singapore’s Chinatown, a place you wouldn’t expect to have anything other than Chinese food, something lured me to Erich’s hot dog stand.

Was it the red color? Maybe. The pretty chalkboard full of delicious bread options? Probably. The smell in the air? Absolutely.

If I wasn’t on such a tight budget I would’ve bought every single item on Erich, the not-so-friendly Austrian Hot Dog man’s menu. But I am. So I purchased one hot dog with cheese inside (2.50), paid extra for a bun (1.00) and topped it off with the New York standard: MUSTARD.


Restraining myself from buying another hot dog was the hardest feat. So do not take this lightly when I say that this is the must-taste place in Singapore’s Chinatown.

Thanks for the omg-awesome hot dog Erich, you gave me a taste of home.

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