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Hawker Stall

When you visit Singapore, you need to eat at a HAWKER CENTER.

What’s a hawker center? Basically, a food court of food cart stalls.

Seriously. It’s like foodie heaven. A few bucks here, a few dollars there.

Trick is knowing which stall(s) to choose from.

So what’s the trick?

Well I noticed that these hawker vendors are quite proud of their art and it can be overwhelming to find the best food in the center all by your lonesome… but here’s what I did.

  1. I circled around the entire center.
  2. Peered into each stand to see what they were offering…
  3. Sniffed out the competition.
  4. Got an idea of what I wanted to eat.
  5. Then I looked at how long their line was…
  6. How long people were willing to wait…
  7. And the presentation of the food.

Based on the vendors I chose to sample from, I noticed that these vendors:

  1. Put on a show for their customers (actually cook right infront of you instead of just heating).
  2. Display every article written about them on their stall.
  3. Usually have a line forming and provide their customers with lightening fast service.

So I went to three different stalls and spent $10.00 on the following!

Char Kway Teow, $3.00

Chicken Wings, $2.00

Chicken & Beef Satay, $5.00
SATISFIED!!! Do you have any favorite hawker centers in Singapore??


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