SINGAPORE : TWG TEA TIME // macarons, quality pot of tea, scones, jour du macaron 2012


This post is in honor of the annual “Jour du Macaron”! Learn more about Macaron Day 2012 and visit the LML FB page to see how I celebrated the day with my NYC Macaron Hunt on FB (yep, I’m in NYC but writing about Singapore- keep up friends)!


I have a thing for macarons. So I walked into this popular tea chain (which can be found all over Singapore) and bit into one of these…

And that was a huge mistake because I was addicted after the first bite. Instead of walking away, I walked straight to their sit-down menu, got a table and sat down for tea time.

TWG Tea is super popular. So popular, that you wouldn’t believe I saw three TWG Teas (exact replicas) in one mall- talk about convenience, right?!

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I loved my super cushy, velvety chair… my super shiny pot of  tea (um I can see myself in pot!!) and the little/big book about TWG Teas and their history. I felt awesome, I felt like a Queen; $25.00 is a little on the expensive side for a pot of tea and two not-so great pastries… but sitting down in the center of the Marina Bay Sands Mall was so worth it (I can still see myself in the reflection).

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