SINGAPORE : MARINA BAY SANDS // water works, best view of singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Water Inside…

Water Outside…

So where can you find these amazing views?

Marina Bay Sands.

Actually, you can find EVERYTHING at Marina Bay Sands… it has a broadway stage, skypark, a ton of restaurants, a museum, hotel, casino, a humungous mall… it has it ALL.

And I wouldn’t have seen all of this amazingness if it weren’t for my sisters friend, Jack (American who is now living/working in Singapore)! He took me to lunch at one of the best restaurants at Marina Bay (love dining with a fellow foodie), up to the SkyPark to see the gorgeous view of the city (as well as Java and Indonesia- no lie, check out the picture below) and pointed me in the direction of Louis Vuitton which is situated on it’s own little island!

(kinda looks like a scary matrix…)

You could easily spend an entire day at Marina Bay Sands. Maybe even two or three. So make sure you book a room well in advance. Prices aren’t too bad- if it’s in your budget it could be around 200+ (Singaporean Dollars) a room. If it’s not in your price range, do what I did: walk around the mall, peak into the casino, look at the shops, have a meal, then go for a drink on the roof (with the swimming pool)… but don’t forget your bathing suit, I did!

Go for a visit, stay for the day.

PS: We all know I love planning wedding events as a hobby (even though I am not a wedding planner) but I thought I’d share my idea- if you want to get married in Singapore,  get married at the Botanic Gardens and have your bachelorette party on the roof top of Marina Bay, just sayin!

PPS: If you plan on gambling, bring your passport so you do not have to pay the local fee of $100.00 just to enter.

PPPS: The next two posts will spotlight some yummy eats at Marina Bay, enjoy!

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