SINGAPORE : LOUIS VUITTON GALLERY // on its own island, attached to marina bay, full of artwork, and has a great lounge with a waterfront view


When you think of the letters LV, you think bags and designer wear…

But in Singapore… it’s all that and more (at Marina Bay Sands)… I mean, it has its own island. For real.

And before you get to the actual store, you walk through their gallery, pass by old vintage bags and then you transfer to the island that houses the LV goods. Can you say awesome?

What’s even better?

I found a pop-up office space!

Unfortch, there’s no wi-fi, so I guess I’ll have to squat somewhere else… talk about happy shopping :)

PS: I totally saw a woman behind the register wearing a pink surgical mask.

  1. Wouldn’t think that LV would allow that as part of the work attire.
  2. Singapore is the cleanest city, why wear the mask??
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