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Mozza Bruschetta

Mozza by Mario Batali… enough said!

But if you want to know what I thought, read below!

Mozza, Marina Bay Sands: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Met up with my sisters friend from LA, Jack Bonner, who’s been living/working in Singapore. I haven’t seen him in a decade… and well, the very first thing he said to me was, “What do you want to eat?” Gosh, I love this man.

I told him we could go to a hawker center or eat where his favorite place is… so with a pause and then a nod, I found myself at Mozza in Marina Bay Sands (which was so genius because he knew I wouldn’t eat Italian Food anywhere else)!

Food Review:

Pizza was an absolute must. Jack chose the spicy salami pizza and you know what?? It tasted like NY Pizza! My eyes lit up like Christmas because:

  1. It reminded me of home, which makes sense since Mario Batali lives in NYC (yes, I saw him and his orange clogs riding around in the East Village once or twice- actually noticed his clogs before I noticed him when I was 17)
  2.  I could taste the difference between “Northern Italian Pizza” and “NY pizza” based on the texture of the crust. NY pizza is more doughy, chewy whereas the Northern Italian pizza is crispier, flatter.

The bruschetta was like food pornography before my very eyes: white beans alla Toscana with extra virgin olive oil & saba. Nice, crispy bread- wasn’t even worried about the olive oil spilling all over me (until I saw Jack mixing it into the hummus before taking a bite- thanks for saving me from embarrassment)…

And the salad– OMG, the salad was SO good! It had the perfect ratio of seasoning to oil, lettuce to cheese. Don’t underestimate a good salad- I devoured the entire mountain.

Restaurant Review:

We sat on the bistro side for lunch while the “osteria” was getting set up for dinner. If you’ve ever eaten at one of Mario Batali’s restaurants, you know the decor is going to be beautiful and appropriate. The bistro side was vibrant and homey.


Service was a little lackluster; but they filled our waters, took our order and got us our food before all of the other people came in for lunch (thank the heavens).

If you want to check out more of Mario Batali’s restaurants go to his website… and when you start to drool over the amazing food photography, you have Jack to thank (seriously, check the photo credits)! 

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