SINGAPORE : BREADSOCIETY // orchard metro stop, okay japanese pastries

Singapore Money

Riding the subway in Singapore is a lot of fun, as long as you have a lot of coins.

Since I felt like a millonaire with all of these “gold coins” in my hand, I decided to take a ride to Orchard (known as the 5th Avenue of Singapore) just to do some window shopping.

But instead of window shopping for clothes, my short attention span focused on all of the pretty little pastries… which lead me to BREADSOCIETY (yeah… we all knew that was coming).

Breadsociety is probably the cutest bread shop, EVER.

Their Japanese Marketing Team gets an A+++ for creating an inviting atmosphere filled with the most beautiful & functional decor. I literally grabbed a pair of tongs and started pulling every treat onto my tray.


  1. They’re beautiful pieces of art.
  2. Affordable.
  3. Made with quality ingredients: dark rye, wholemeal flour and sometimes wheatgrass
  4. Names like Coffee + Caramel + Almonds make my mouth water.
  5. Head Chef Atsushi Murata and crew make them before your very eyes behind a transparent wall.
HOWEVER, as for the actual taste of the pastries, I was a little disappointed.
I chose an apple pastry and a coffee/almond pastry but both of them missed the mark on sweetness and texture… however, I’d give it another try just to go back in and stare at the treats.
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